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Deidre Raubenheimer

Conference Centre Manager

I’ve been employed at CMC since May 2007. I think that the variety of conference management keeps it interesting all the time. I enjoy how busy I am and the fact that my job is rarely the same two days in a row – there always different fires to put out. I also get to meet new people constantly and I do a lot of detail-orientated work.

The best part of my job is once we’ve completed a conference and everyone is happy it makes all the ups and downs leading up to the event so worthwhile in the end.

When I am not crazy busy with conferences I enjoy cooking and traveling.

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Belinda Chapman

Senior Conference Co-ordinator

I have worked at the CMC since 2006. With an arts background I came across the conference and event industry by chance and was happy to find I could turn my love for being organised into a full-time career.

I enjoy the variety of the conference work and it is very rewarding when a conference is a successful and seamlessly run event after all the months of planning.

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Roxanne van Wyk

Conference Co-ordinator

I have been working at CMC since November 2014. Working here has been a very rewarding experience thus far, as I am able to physically see the results of the hard work which is done.
Each conference or event comes with its own set of challenges, but also with its own rewards. Learning every day, and meeting new people on a regular basis is what I enjoy most about my job.
I am a people’s person and I try to put this to good use in my day to day dealings with clients.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring Cape Town with my husband. I am a very family orientated and I absolutely adore animals.

Telephone: +27 21 406 6330


Janet Sirmongpong

Registrations Co-ordinator

I have been at the CMC since March 2000. Each conference comes with its own challenges. One of my strengths is that I remain calm in the face of these challenges. I like being on-site and seeing what we have worked for coming together. I also like meeting interesting people during events.

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Cindy Maree

Short Course Co-ordinator

I have been employed at the CMC since 2012. I enjoy working here because every day is a new challenge. There are always new aspects to the job, which I find very interesting. I enjoy working on the smaller courses because I can focus on them. The most rewarding part of the job is seeing the client happy and satisfied with the service.

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Meagan Whyte

Registrations Co-ordinator

I have been doing registrations for a few years and sometimes it can be a bit challenging. I enjoy communicating with the delegates and on the day of the event you get to meet them. The best part of doing this job is when the conference is done and everything ran smoothly

Phone: +27 21 650 1548


Soliegah Yaghya

Finance Officer

I have been employed at CMC for eight years. My daily tasks include reconciling of bank accounts, capturing registration forms and allocating payments. I also make payments to suppliers and complete various documentation and vendor forms. I enjoy the variety of the accounting world.

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Imelda Amony


I have been with the CMC team since July 2015. I am currently doing my BTech in Events and Tourism Management. I am involved in doing registrations and handling accommodation bookings for the delegates. I find dealing with people of different character very interesting.

CMC has exposed me to a lot of things and I have discovered that conferencing is a business that I really love and enjoy. The beauty of it all is that at the conference you will finally get to meet the people you have been dealing with only on emails. Thank you to the CMC team for giving me this platform and for loving me.

Telephone: +27 21 650 1996


Emma Vaughan

Sales Co-ordinator

I first joined the CMC in 2012 as a Senior Conference Co-ordinator and enjoyed working on many successful conferences with the team. I took a 2-year break from the working world to become a mom. In January 2017 I returned to take on the challenging new role of Sales, Marketing and Client Relations Coordinator. My 2 main objectives are to continue to grow the business and ensure our clients’ needs are always met.

My vast experience in the operations side of conferences and events uniquely qualifies me to guide your first conference enquiry or assist you in navigating through the conferencing process. If you are a veteran meeting planner or a novice, I can work with you to make your event stand out.

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